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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we try out the pool before we join?


A free one-day pass is available for your family to join us on any day the pool is open and see if the pool is a good fit for you.

I am interested in becoming a member of Byrd Spring pool. If we join are we locked in to paying these dues every year?

If you want to remain a member - yes you would be required to pay the annual fee of $525 or $100 inactive fee in order to keep the membership and remain on the member list.

A member may sell their membership to another potential member and a $35 transfer fee would be required. 


If you do not pay the dues or inactive fee for the current year, after being notified by the board, you would forfeit your membership back to the board and be required to pay the join fee again if you later wanted to rejoin. Refer to the ByLaws on the Membership page for more info on delinquent memberships.

Does the pool offer swim lessons?

Byrd Spring pool has a Baby Sharks program that is offered through swim team. It is group swim lessons. If you are interested in private swim lessons, that will be offered by a private party using Byrd Spring Pool. Please contact our swim rep at for more information. 

Is there a limit on the number of people in the family for a Household Membership?

No – the Household Membership covers all individuals living/residing at the same address.

How can I pay for my membership?

You can pay by cash, check, money order, or PayPal on the website.

You may bring your cash or check to the pool house during pool hours.

You may also mail a check or money order to the PO Box @ BSAA, PO Box 4437, Hsv, AL 35815

Contact the Treasurer for any questions regarding payments

Is my BabySitter covered by my membership?  Would they have to pay the guest fee each time they bring my children to the pool?

For a Household Membership - Yes - All members who plan on having a babysitter this season can add them to your membership and put babysitter by their name. They are treated as part of your membership and would not have to pay a guest fee when they visit with your children.

For an Individual or Senior Membership - BabySitters and children you babysit would not be included under your membership.  They would have to pay the current Guest fee per person and the member would have to be with them.  Only members named on these memberships are covered.

Can non-members visit the pool? What is your Guest Policy?


Members are allowed to bring a max of 10 guests at one time at the current guest rate of $5 per person.

Guests are allowed a total of 15 visits during the summer. A list will be kept in the office to keep track of each guests visit. All guests must have a signed waiver on file including a signed waiver for children guests. The pool has the right to remove any guest if they aren’t following the rules.

If you want to bring more than 10 guests, please contact  our pool manager at to set up a party.

What if I have more than 10 Guests? Are we allowed to do parties of any kind? 


This is available for Members Only.

Non-Member Parties or Events must have a member sponsor them (i.e. Churches and ball teams)

We have standard party/event options and can also modify these to accommodate your needs for additional fees.


During Hours Parties (Members only)

(1-24 people) $125.00/2 hour max

(25 - 50 people) $250.00/2 hour max


Private Parties (Members only, after hours, Includes guards)

(1-24 people) $175.00 / 2hour max

(25 – 50 people)$300.00 / 2hour max


Please contact our pool manager at

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