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Membership Payment Options

We have now added options for monthly membership payments for NEW members. 

Link to signup at the bottom of the page.

Please read ALL terms and conditions carefully before signing up. If you have any questions, you can email the BSAA Treasurer @

2023 Membership Purchase

*NEW* Members ONLY

3 month Installment Plan

Sign up to purchase your 2022 Membership in 3 monthly payments automatically charged to your banking or credit card account thru PayPal.

This option will be available until June 1, 2023.


If you choose this option, 1/3 of your 2023 Dues + Join Fee will be paid at the time of sign up for your new membership and the remaining 2/3 will be paid automatically for the next 2 months to complete your 2023 purchase.

You will be allowed to use all of the BSAA facilities and events as long as current payments are made.  


Your PayPal payment  must be received before you will be allowed access to the pool. 

The following terms & conditions apply:

  1. Members pursuant to notice may be suspended for violation of the installment payment agreement. Cancellation or failure to complete installment payments by the end of the 3rd month shall result in forfeiture of all previous payments and loss of all Association privileges unless otherwise determined by the Board of Directors. 

Signing up for this installment plan constitutes your acceptance of this agreement and the above terms.

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